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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our camera crushed!

Hubby took a number of photos during Troy's wedding ceremony at St. Joseph church and at Davao Insular hotel, the wedding's reception. We were very excited to see the photos when we get home at quarter to eight last night. Hubby was about to transfer the photos to the PC when he found out that he can't view it! When he turned on the camera, an error appeared regarding the lens. Whew! We were really disgusted! I asked hubby about what is the possible cause of it and if there are possible ways for him to get it fixed. He searched for the manual and I accidentally bumped him our room door because I was hurriedly removing my contact lenses for it was getting dry and I was really not comfortable of it and tension raged. We did not talk with each other for a while.

He watch TV in the living room and I fixed myself, removed my make up then put Keona to bed. Two or 3 hours have passed and yet Keona did not sleep. She was still in a "playing mood" and in high spirit. And suddenly she shouted loudly calling "Pappa" several times which prompted hubby to get inside the room and get her out. They stayed in the living room seeing and singing her nursery rhymes on DVD. When finally lil girl's enthusiasm wears out and she becomes really sleepy, she called me up. Hubby had no choice but to give Keona to me who doesn't sleep without being breastfeed. This time, he is already calm and me too. I was already sleepy and then the topic regarding the camera is now brought up again. He told me that we should get it fixed because I need it for my blogs and of course for our souvenirs. I retorted to him saying I'm not the only one who needs it. He needs it too. I told him, what about his world-less Wednesday on his All About Keona. He smiled and readily agreed that we both need it. He volunteered to look for a service center for Canon camera. I said if the repair is more than Two Thousand Pesos, we better buy a new one. Hopefully, the cam will be repaired and we'll have the photos of Troy's wedding! Can't wait to see it:)
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  1. Accidents like that happen, that should not be a cause for misunderstanding for both of you. The camera can be repaired and blogging should not pressure both of you that can lead to misunderstandings. Kailangan ang konting pasensiya sa maliliit na bagay. Ang importante ay nagkakasundo kayong dalawa. Husband mo pala yung writer nang blog na All About Keona. What a small world, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Hi Mel! Thanks for visiting my little corner in the blagosphere:).Yup. hubby ko si RV. Yep, a little thing should not be a cause for misunderstanding. Just sometimes my fickle self. But I'm blessed with wonderful hubby:)


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