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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting ready with Tito Troy's wedding

Keona's fever is gone and the rashes are also gradually diminishing. She's now in perfect shape:). So we are now preparing for Troy's wedding on the 21st. Keona will be a flower girl, me and hubby are cord sponsors. Keona has fitted already her dress which is part of the entourage rent. Hubby asked me what I'm gonna wear and I told him nothing:). Yeah, I don't have any formal dress:((. I'm not fond of wearing a dress. I'm more comfortable with jeans or slacks than skirt or whole body dress. So me and hubby are gonna look for something to wear. The motiff is magenta, so we'll gonna buy something in between the color of purple and pink. I'm gonna purchase also a blusher. I really don't wear make up that much. At work, I only have lipstick on and a pressed powder. Looking forward to it and I'm already excited for my little girl:).
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