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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Celebration

I was busy during the last day of December. Since the house helps went home to their province, I did the laundry, cleaned our room and every nook of it because it is believed that we should welcome the new year with a clean house to ward off the bad energy and bad luck of year 2009. Mom follows feng shui beliefs and principles like these and whether it's true or not, it's always feels good when your house and your room is free from clutter and really clean, right? While I was busy doing my thing, Mom was also very busy in the kitchen preparing for the Media Noche for the New Year's eve. As usual, there's the lechon de leche which we ordered at Kat and Cris. Mom prepared tikoy which is believed to foster close family ties. She also prepared shrimps and Lapu-lapu fish because they are colored red and they bring good luck for the new year. There's also the spaghetti for long life:) and fruit salad for dessert. She also prepared the 13 kinds of fruits. Pappa had no choice but to take care of lil Keona because all of us were very busy:).

lil Keona carried by Pappa, still sleepy. Oh we all wore red (except Keona who just got off from bed) for it is believed to bring good luck:)

yummy, crunchy lechon(roasted pig)

Lapu-lapu fish


13 kinds of fruits

It is a city ordinance that firecrackers are not allowed in our place so Pappa rented a videoke to make some noise. We also have toy horns. Lil Keona was asleep at 10:00 o'clock in the evening but when new year's eve came, she was awaken by the noise. So we just brought her outside and let her join us in making noise, jumping with our coins:)

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  1. hi sam!

    glad to see pinoy mom blogging! i love your witty writing style and I think Keona is adorable :)


  2. hi! sam bigla namiss ko tuloy food natin especially fish. hummmm yummy. all the best in 2010. hugs to your kid.


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