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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exhausted but still feeling great

Today is my first day at work for this week since we don't have work from Monday till Wednesday. Oh, I just wish it's always like that, just 2-3-day work in a week.haha. My workmate who is often absent from work is absent again today so I became very busy doing works that should have been hers. Well, I hope everything's OK with her and her children who are often the reason why she can't report for work.

On another note, my little girl is becoming fond of dancing and singing her fave songs by the group Hi Five. She especially love the songs Monster Dance and Stop Look Listen. Gonna join my girl now in her dancing and singing. No matter how tired I am from work, I get energize whenever I am with Keona and whenever lil girl ask me to dance with her. Have a great Thursday night friends!
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  1. It is amazing how the little one's seem to give us a burst of energy.There is nothing more precious than a child.
    Have a good weekend.


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