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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tighter schedule

We have no house help left. She has to return home to take care of her ailing mom. It's been also a month now that I have not found a yaya yet for my lil girl. The result is a tighter schedule for me and hubby. I need to wake up early to do the laundry, clean up while hubby does the cooking. That's if Keona does not wake up. If she does, our schedule is ruined because she would cry hard. She doesn't want to be left alone in bed while we are out working on the household chores. Hope we'll be able to find new ones and our schedule will ease up. This is a middle of the night post, while Keona is in her dreamland and hubby's just finished playing his fave dota. Whew! need to grab something for my midnight snacks:).
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