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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Sister's Visit

My sister who is a practicing nurse in our town came over home because she has a seminar regarding rabies. Since she is on a 3-day stay-in seminar, she accompanied me the other night home to visit Keona for she miss already my lil girl. It's been quite long already since the last time she met with Keona. Lil girl did not know how to walk yet.

When we arrived home, lil girl was very ecstatic. She jumped with joy and showed her antics and tricks to her aunt. She danced and sang her fave songs. My sister said lil girl has grown so fast and she's becoming very charming and beautiful(my heart sings upon hearing this from her...a mom indeed, LOL).

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1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful picture of Keona with your sister. I bet there is a lot of catching up to do.


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