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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road Rage

Last Sunday afternoon, the whole family went to the church to hear mass. When the Holy Mass was over we went to the mall for snacks. While heading to Gmall, traffic in front of the church was really heavy because of people coming in for next mass schedule and others were leaving the church. Grandpa never give in to other motorists if he thinks he is in the right way. As we passed by a motor cab (single motor attached with a sidecar), there was a strange sound, the handle of the motorcab touched the side of our car. Grandpa right away was flaming with rage and he was exchanging bad words with the other motorist. He would have wanted to punch the motorcab driver but Grandma insisted to just let him go. Good thing, the handle of the motorcab is rubberized so there was no scratch on our car.

There are lots of road accidents and deaths everyday simply because a lot of people never give way. As I remember one sermon of a priest, life is like traffic signs - no left turn, no u-turn, one way, stop, but the best is, GIVE WAY and KEEP RIGHT!
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