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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Dengue Fever and Asthma

Dengue fever is very rampant in our place nowadays. There are so many cases of Dengue and it is very alarming. In a nearby province, it is already declared a state of calamity due to soaring dengue cases. The daughter of my office mate is also having a dengue and is now confined in the pediatric intensive care unit in a hospital. She's having a stage 3 hemorrhagic dengue. Her heart, lungs, liver and kidney are now affected so she's really in critical condition. Her vital signs are very unstable. I pray fervently for her recovery.

Hubby and me told Mom yesterday to just let Keona stay indoors. She usually go out in the afternoon and play outside but we don't allow her to go out as of this time.

The daughter of my office mate is also having an asthma so she's having also difficulty breathing. And this morning, I wondered why our one house help looked sad and I can sense that there's something wrong. Later, I found out that the other house help is having an asthma and hard-up to breath. Hopefully, she'll get better after taking medicine.
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  1. It is so scary when something like that is going around. Is it just children. I don't blame you for keeping Keona inside. I would be scared all the time.Hope it passes fast.

  2. Take a look at There is now a lot of data suggesting asthma is a vitamin D deficiency disease and vitamin d supplements dramatically reduce the number of asthma attacks. Most have levels less than optimal. The site also has links to a micropill formulation of vitamin D that only costs 10-12 for a years supply.

  3. @ Russ, It's really scary Russ. It's not just children who are inflicted with dengue fever, including adults but it is the children who are most vulnerable especially that they love to play outdoors. There have been lots of fatalities already and yeah, hopefully it will pass right away.

    @ mbarnes, That's a nice information, I'll try to visit the site you recommended. thanks for the visit and comment:). God bless!


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