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Friday, July 2, 2010

My swimsuit heiress

When I arrive home today from work, the dresses are placed in the laundry basket ready to be placed in the closet. I immediately arranged and sorted them and put them in their proper places inside our clothes cabinet when Keona spotted my old swimsuit. I bought it around 7 years back when we had an overnight beach party during my 25th birthday. I must be very slim at that time because it became very small for me now. As I'm piling up the clothes, Keona got the swimwear because the color is somehow similar to hers. She then asked hubby to put it on her and when it's done, she showed it off to us and to her grandma who's in the kitchen. We were really having a good laugh looking at her. Here she is...

Never mind the bikini placed on her head. LOLz .That swimwear is already hers but it has to wait until she gets older and it will fit her well.
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  1. That is the cutest thing. Another note. You may want to check your computer for viruses.I got a message that your site had a trojan on it. Does not mean it really does. But you should check.

  2. Yeah, Keona really looks cute wearing it. I've checked my lappy for possible viruses and told hubby about your comment but he assured my that there's no virus on our computer. Thanks for notifying me Grampy.


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